If you are looking for a professionally made video, Eye-Catchers is able to create a piece that will captivate your audience. Whether you want to capture a special day on film or are in need of something for commercial or promotional use for your business (or anything in-between!), Eye-Catchers has the ability to shoot a stylistic video with the final edited product in mind. Additionally, Eye-Catchers is able to take the raw footage and transform it into a flawlessly edited masterpiece perfect for your needs.



Deer & Coyote : Fly

Deer & Coyote is a folk duo comprised of married couple Chanda and Danny Bosch. Chanda had 2 albums under her belt when she married Danny. From there, Danny made himself a cello, taught himself to play it, and joined musical forces with Chanda – making them even more unstoppable. Here is a music video we made, filmed entirely up at their 2014 fire tower.
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The Pocket Brothers

Written and Illustrated By Jared Robinson, The Pocket Brothers has now been brought to life in this short animation. CONTACT US if you are interested in purchasing the book.
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Situated in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, FilterPure is a non-profit organization that makes and distributes ceramic water filters. These filters are used by families to turn dirty river water into fresh drinking water. These families become much healthier after using the filter, because they are no longer drinking bacteria-filled river water. With this video now created, FilterPure can better share how they are making a difference in families around the world. This video will be a great tool to help drum up supporters and awareness. filterpurefilters.org
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Global Aid Network – Women & Children

The suffering of women & children produces an immediate heart cry in most people worldwide. When a child remains in need, not only is his present life but also his future subjected to heartache. Emotional trauma caused by suffering can gouge a deep scar in children, stunting their ability to give and receive love, and believe that they are precious creations with significant roles to play in their nations’ futures. At the same time, women of all ages quite often are treated as second class during times of natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

Kevin Murphy : Aurore Video Winner

This award-winning video showcases Aurore Kolesar’s talent and creativity as a hairstylist, using Kevin Murphy products. This was her video competition entry for the Kevin Murphy 2010 podcast competition. As a result, she won the competition, and is now being flown to Australia for fashion week! Thanks also to www.rothandramberg.com for the amazing photography which was added into the video.


This is an animated promotional video for Appyboy, highlighting their product and their features. “Appboy allows you and your friends to explore the world of mobile applications. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s free.” check out what they offer : www.appboy.com

Center of Gravity Video

This is Center of Gravity. liberate your mind with their 106 foot Bungee Jump, and their 80 foot Climbing wall. With the highest indoor bungee jump in the world, are you ready for the challenge?

The Gamers : Madgab

Actors/Actresses: Cody Sparshu Jared Robinson Amanda Bladen Melissa Heagy Producer & Writer : Cody Sparshu Editor : Jared Robinson Director : Ben Buchholtz Director of Photography : Dustin Chouinard Production Assistant : Jackson Wong

David Calvert : “Shepherd”

Dave Calvert has been pursuing music for pretty much his whole life. So it was decided that it was about time to capture some of his finely tuned craft. We joined him in a little wooden chapel and had some fun. Take a look.

Global Aid Network – Water for Life

According to the World Health Organization, a child dies from a preventable disease associated with lack of clean water every 20 seconds. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Often, just 80 meters below their feet are aquifers of pure, disease-free drinking water. By providing one deep-water well, we can help to break the cycle of disease and death and transform communities for a lifetime. Global Aid Network is an organization that helps villages live a healthier lifestyle by providing them with access to clean fresh water.

Strathcona Fire Department – Core Values

Daren Findling was approached by the Strathcona Fire Department to create a video highlighting their core values. Eye-Catchers Media was then approached to edit this footage together, in a music video-esque style to showcase the department’s values.